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Changes at Tar Heel Reader

Tar Heel Reader has moved to its new home on the web at http://tarheelreader.org. Please make a note of the change and ask those you know who have posted links to update them. The old address will redirect users here.

This new version brings several changes that I hope you will see as improvements.

For readers:

  1. Book pages are visually much simpler and should always fit on your computer screen.
  2. Page controls and text stay in the same place from screen to screen.
  3. Two-switch scanning is now more consistent.
  4. Choices are presented for direct as well as switch access.
  5. Readers can rate books from 1 to 3 stars.
  6. All pictures are served from tarheelreader.org rather than Flickr. This should help those of you whose access was blocked by firewalls.

For teachers:

  1. We now have library-like categories for books. In the coming week my students will be making a pass through the collection of assign books to categories (i.e. Animals, Health, etc.). You can optionally assign categories when you write or edit your books.
  2. We have setup two categories Rated: E for everyone and Rated: C for caution. These may be helpful when choosing books.
  3. We also have categories from the Beginning Literacy Framework. These are Type: Conventional, Type: Transitional, and Type: Other.
  4. Finally, we have added a Reviewed flag that will be set by the professionals at the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies after books are reviewed for educational quality. A small badge icon will appear on these books.
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