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Improvements to the book editor

I have installed a completely rewritten editor for creating books. It looks just about exactly like the old one so hopefully you won’t be distracted by the changes unless they make your life better. If it looks much different then I’ve introduced some bug and you should let me know.
The new editor doesn’t need to refresh the page on every click like the old one did. You should find it works faster without so much scrolling of the page. For example, in the old editor, every time you clicked to move a picture the page had to be redrawn, causing it to scroll back up to the top, which then required you to scroll back down to see your book pages. Now it should stay put as you move pages around.
You can also drag and drop pages to rearrange them. Simply click on a page and drag it to where you want it to go. It takes a bit of getting used to how it decides where to put the page. Don’t worry, the buttons are still there and work just the way they did before, so you don’t have to drag and drop unless you want to.
Finally, you’ll see the “Save my book as a draft” button is always present, even when you’re editing a book you previously published. Now you can revert a book back to draft status if you wish.
As always, please let me know about problems you see.

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