Tar Heel Shared Reader

Language Selection Now Sticky

Today I enabled a new feature at Tar Heel Reader. When you select a language in the Books By Language list in the right column you will only see books for that language as you select other categories until you select another language. Your language selection is “sticky” in that it “sticks” after you select it. This is indicated by a little dot and underline on the selected language and the name of the language appears in the title for the page.

For example, if you select the English language link you’ll see the Books category with only English books shown (actually only books not tagged with another language the site recognizes). Then if you select Reviewed Books, you see only English books that are reviewed. Likewise for any of the other languages on the site.

To return to see all languages simply select the All link in the languages list.

As always let me know of bugs you find on the site. I don’t know about problems unless you tell me.

I know of one limitation. The search does properly restrict itself to only books in the current language. I’ll work on that when I get a chance.

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