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Many thanks to Flickr and the fine photographers who took and shared the pictures you see in these books. We only use pictures that have been shared with the Creative Commons license and those with no known copyright. You may click on photo credits link in any book to link to the pages on Flickr for the photos. Of course, the pictures remain the property of photographers who took them and all the restrictions they placed on their use still apply.

If you object to the use of your pictures in these books for kids with disabilities, just let me know and I’ll take the book down.

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 Uploaded Here are 5 words we will decline.
 Uploaded Ecce! means 'see!'.
 Uploaded Nomen per terminationes flectitur.
 Uploaded A noun is declined by changing its endings.
 Uploaded Sic dictus, qvia finis ejus sic, vel sic, cadit.
 Uploaded So it is said, that its end falls 'this way' or 'this way'.
 Uploaded While we do this, keep checking with your own fingers.
 Uploaded Ecce: Regīna.
 Uploaded Regīna terminat in 'a'.
 Uploaded Ecce: regīna.
 Uploaded Look: a queen.
 Uploaded Ecce: dominus.
 Uploaded Ecce: dominus.
 Uploaded Look: a master.
 Uploaded Here is a master.
 Uploaded Dominus terminat in 'us'.
 Uploaded Ecce: magister.
 Uploaded Look: a teacher.
 Uploaded 'Magister' terminat in 'er'.
 Uploaded Ecce: verbum.
 Uploaded Look: a word.
 Uploaded 'Verbum' terminat in 'um'.
 Uploaded Ecce: pater.
 Uploaded Look: a father.
 Uploaded Pater terminat in 'r'.
 Uploaded Words on the third finger can end in any letters from c,l,o,n,e,s,t,r,a,x. Lots of words!
 Uploaded Ecce: fructus.
 Uploaded Look: fruit.
 Uploaded 'Fructus ' terminat in 'us'.
 Uploaded Ecce: rēs.
 Uploaded Look: a thing.
 Uploaded 'Rēs' terminat in 'ēs'.
 Uploaded Scīsne?
 Uploaded Do you know the endings?
 Uploaded Only one finger is for pointing.
 Uploaded Words on this finger change, when you could POINT and call that word or thing by name.
 Uploaded A master.
 Uploaded "Hey there, master!"
 Uploaded A son.
 Uploaded "Hey there, O son."
 Uploaded Vergil. (He is a famous poet.)
 Uploaded "Hey there, O Vergil."
 Uploaded Only words that end in -us on this finger!!!
 Uploaded 'Vocativus' est casus.
 Uploaded This is the 'Vocative' or 'calling' case.
 Uploaded Qvid est casus?
 Uploaded What is 'case'?
 Uploaded Specialis terminatio nominis est.
 Uploaded It is a special ending of a naming word.
 Uploaded Genitivus est casus.
 Uploaded 'Pars' means ' A part'.
 Uploaded Pars Rēī.
 Uploaded A part OF something.
 Flickr Part of a queen.
 Flickr Pars regīnae.
 Uploaded Part of a queen. Remember - look at your hand!
 Flickr Pars dominī. (et pars magistrī et pars verbī)
 Uploaded Part of a master.
 Flickr Pars patris.
 Uploaded Part of a father.
 Flickr Pars fructūs.
 Uploaded Part of a fruit.
 Flickr Pars rēī.
 Uploaded Part of a thing.
 Uploaded Videō - 'I see'.
 Flickr Video regīnam.
 Flickr I see a queen.
 Uploaded regīn-am
 Flickr Video dominum.
 Uploaded domin-um (et magistrum, et verbum)
 Flickr Video patrem.
 Uploaded patr-em
 Flickr Video fructum.
 Uploaded fruct-um
 Flickr Video rem.
 Uploaded r-em
 Uploaded 'Cum' means 'with'.
 Uploaded Nomen per terminationes flectitur.
 Flickr Cum regīnā.
 Uploaded regīn-ā
 Flickr With a queen.
 Flickr Cum dominō.
 Uploaded domin-ō (et magistrō, et verbō)
 Flickr Cum patre.
 Uploaded patr-e
 Flickr Cum fructū.
 Uploaded fruct-ū
 Flickr Cum rē.
 Uploaded r-ē
 Uploaded Serviō means 'I serve' or 'I give service'.
 Flickr Serviō regīnae.
 Uploaded regīn-ae
 Flickr I give service TO a queen.
 Flickr Serviō dominō.
 Uploaded domin-ō (et magistrō et verbō)
 Flickr Serviō patrī.
 Uploaded patr-ī
 Flickr Serviō fructuī.
 Uploaded fruct-uī
 Flickr Serviō rēī.
 Uploaded r-ēī
 Uploaded Scīsne?
 Uploaded Nominativus
 Uploaded Genitivus
 Uploaded Accusativus
 Uploaded Ablativus
 Uploaded Dativus
 Uploaded Nunc, Pluraliter....
 Uploaded Nomen per terminationes flectitur.
 Uploaded regīnae, dominī(et magistrī, et verba), patrēs, fructūs, rēs.
 Uploaded regīnārum, dominōrum, patrum, fructuum, rērum.
 Uploaded regīnās, dominōs (magistrōs, et verba), patrēs, fructūs, rēs.
 Uploaded regīnīs, dominīs (et magistrīs, et verbīs), patribus, fructibus, rēbus.
 Uploaded regīnīs, dominīs (et magistrīs et verbīs), patribus, fructibus, rēbus.
 Uploaded latinum.org.uk
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