Tar Heel Shared Reader

Shared Reader Help

How do I write a book in Tar Heel Reader and then add comments in Tar Heel Shared Reader? These two sites work together. First, you write and publish the book in Tar Heel Reader.  Then you use Tar Heel Shared Reader to add comments.  Here are the directions. 

How do I add comments to book in Tar Heel Shared Reader? The books must already be published in Tar Heel Reader. Then follow these directions. 

How can I learn more about using Tar Heel Shared Reader?  This site was developed as part of a larger project designed to help teachers, families, and others provide high quality shared reading to students with significant cognitive disabilities. There are training modules and other resources available at http://sharedreader.org

How can I get the registration code? Simply send email to tarheelreader@cs.unc.edu requesting the code and we will email it to you. We are requiring the code to keep bad spammers from taking over the site.

Why can’t I read draft books? Tar Heel Shared Reader and Tar Heel Reader are separate sites. Tar Heel Shared Reader is only able to access books that are published in Tar Heel Reader. 

How do I rest my password?  Here are some step-by-step directions.