Tar Heel Shared Reader

Tar Heel Reader is one year old today!

One year ago today Karen posted the first book, Jimmy Choo Shoes, to the creaky version of this site running on my desk side computer. We had no idea the site would take off like it has!

Here is a graph showing the number of books read each week since we began (click the image for a larger version). You can see that from modest beginnings we have grown to delivering about 15,000 books in a typical week.
Books read per week

Over the year 424,689 books have been read in 97 countries. We now have 3,955 books in 9 languages (English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, and Swedish). Check out the map and tables showing the locations of our readers.

The most frequently read book on the site is The First Black President by Adunnola Waterman French.

It has been a great pleasure to hear from those of you who are using the site. Reports that children are enjoying reading make the investment of time and money worthwhile.

Happy Birthday Tar Heel Reader.

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