Tar Heel Shared Reader

New Features at Tar Heel Reader

Today we’ve rolled out several new features on the site.

  • Adding tags for state educational standards to published books. When you are logged in to the site you’ll see a new section on the Reading Controls page for each book (go to the front page of the book and click Setup). There you can select your US State or Canadian Province and enter the appropriate letter and number combination for your state’s standards that apply to the book. Click submit and a tag will be added to the book. You’ll see the word Standards in the list of tags for the book. Hovering over it will show the applicable standards. Clicking that link will take you to the reading controls page where you can see them all listed.
  • German language translation of category names, welcome page, and writing wizard. With this in place, German readers and authors can work (almost) entirely in Deutsch. Now that the machinery is in place for translation, enabling other languages is a simple as filling in a form with translations of English text to the target language. Contact me if you’d like to help with translation.
  • The number of pages in each book is shown in the lower right corner on the Category and Search pages.
  • Speech is disabled for books in languages like Latin and Swedish that don’t have working text-to-speech engines.

With new features, come new bugs. Let me know if you see something broken.

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